plus1 [ plʌs ] function word ***
Plus can be used in the following ways:
as a preposition (followed by a noun or a number):
Two plus seven is nine.
It costs $11.99, plus $1.50 for postage and handling.
The price includes 7 nights' hotel accommodation plus car rental.
as a conjunction:
Cleaning the old engines would be a difficult task, plus it wouldn't be worth the effort.
as an adjective:
The temperature is plus 12 degrees.
There are 30 plus students in every class.
1. ) used when adding something
a ) used for showing that one number or amount is added to another. This word is usually represented in mathematics by +:
36 plus 5 is 41.
You have to pay back $100 a month plus interest.
Runners will receive a free T-shirt plus a gift certificate.
b ) used when mentioning an additional thing or fact:
He came along with his five children, plus their partners, and his grandchildren.
The four men plus a forty-year-old woman have been arrested.
The economy is currently strong in southeast Michigan, plus we have low interest rates.
2. ) above zero used before a number for giving temperatures above zero:
The weather improved a little and temperatures rose to plus 5 degrees.
3. ) giving a benefit used for describing an advantage or positive quality that something has:
plus point/factor: One of the hotels has its own heated pool a major plus point!
Keane's amazing athletic skill will be a huge plus factor for the team in tomorrow's game.
4. ) more than something used after you mention a number or quantity to show that the actual number or quantity may be larger:
Ray Charles' 40-year plus career began in 1954.
The album went straight to number one by selling 600,000-plus copies in its first week.
The auctioneers can expect offers in the region of $300,000 plus.
A plus/B plus/C plus/D plus
a grade given by a teacher for a student's work that is higher than a grade A, B, C, and D. These grades are usually written A+, B+, etc:
I got a B plus for my history essay.
─ opposite MINUS
plus 2 [ plʌs ] noun count **
1. ) an advantage:
For this job, experience in telecommunications is a plus.
pluses and minuses (=good and bad points): They'll weigh the pluses and minuses and decide whether the product is right for them.
2. ) a PLUS SIGN

Usage of the words and phrases in modern English. 2013.


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